Monday, December 10, 2012

Head to Toe in Forever 21

 While looking through my closet debating what to wear for my next blog post, I realized I have purchased a lot of clothes from Forever 21 lately. So I challenged myself to style a head to toe outfit only consisting of Forever 21. I have also added three reasons why I love shopping at Forever 21.

1.) Affordable Trends- Forever 21 is my go to store to find the latest trends without having to spend a lot on a trend that you may love now but not so much in a few months. For example printed leggins, they are very popular right now from Alexander Mcqueen to Forever 21, you can find them just about everywhere. I found my versace inspired leggings from Forever 21 of course and they only cost me $13.80! Another popular trend that's making a buzz are metal cap toe flats and heels. As soon as I saw these flats at Forever 21 I knew I had to have them, they only cost me $20!

Leggings: Similar here
Less Expensive Flats: Similar Bamboo  
and Similar Forever 21
More Expensive Flats: Bloomingdale's By Dolce Vita

2.) Basics with Detail- Now don't get me wrong there are some pieces at Forever 21 that may look cheap but the key is to find pieces that have that extra detail such as buttons and zippers that stand out. Also, keep your eye out for quality trimmings and fabrics, go with fabrics such as polyester and viscose not cotton or rayon they tend to fade quickly. The blouse and jacket that I am wearing are perfect examples of just the right amount of detail that make these pieces from looking cheap. Right now Forever 21 has a great variety of sheer button down blouses that are great to throw on underneath a light jacket or blazer during the fall.You will also see a lot of faux leather at Forever 21, like everyone else I am also obsessed with this trend too. I am loving this black faux leather trimmed jacket, it has just the right amount of faux leather and will definitely be my go to black jacket.

 Jacket: Forever 21
Blouse: Forever 21

3.) Variety of Accessories- Your options are endless when shopping for accessories at Forever 21, there is something for everyone. Fashion Accessories at other stores can be expensive and sometimes you can achieve the same look without the expense. Some of my favorite statement necklaces that I own were purchased at Forever 21. To make my outfit complete I choose the following accessories: a statement necklace, studded wrap bracelet, gold and back rings and croc textured handbag.

Statement Necklace: Forever 21

Less Expensive Wrap Bracelet: Similar here
More Expensive Wrap Bracelet: Similar here
Less Expensive Croc Print Bag: Similar here
More Expensive Croc Print Bag: Similar  here

Thanks for reading, hope you have enjoyed my blog. 


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  2. Your outfit is fabulous!

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